All about Fenchol 

This is something that’s a type of terpene, but it’s specifically called monoterpenes, and this is also found in aster flowers, basil, along with other types of cannabis strains. The beauty of this is that it’s antimicrobial, antibacterial, and a powerful antioxidant. Because it smells good and has a good feeling to it, this is something that’s actually used in laundry detergents, along with fabric softener, or a perfume ingredient. But a good scent isn’t the only thing that fenchol can do. 

The health Benefits 

This is something that comes with a bunch of health benefits. The first, is that it’s antibacterial. This is something that is a part of those monoterpenes, since this is something that’s broad-spectrum in terms of the antibacterial activities, and it protects the person from a variety of different infections caused by bacteria. However, right now current research needs to be done to get the full extent of the benefits of this. 

Another thing is that it’s a great antioxidant, since this is something that protects the cells from molecules that damage them.  fenchol has some of this.  Because free radicals damage the cells in order to get the electron that they’re missing, it then causes oxidative stress, which causes arthritis, Parkinson’s and cancer to develop. However, with the antioxidants, it neutralizes this by offering the electron that’s missing, mitigating damage that may happen. some essential oils, especially those from Rattan Pepper shrubs actually has the potential to help offer protection for the plant, and it’s something that actually is a strong antioxidant option too. 

It’s also a very powerful antimicrobial, since it was found that the essential oil from the same shrub, when properly isolated, actually had different antibacterial elements to this, and when it was looked into, fenchol and linalool were found. 

Finally, we’ve got pain relief. According to a study done in 2014, fenchol, also called fenchyl alcohol, blocks the results from the TRPA1 receptors, and this is something that’s important because it’s what signals the pain response in our bodies, and also is what causes the signals of inflammation. This is something that also can help to develop these new pain therapies to help with this. 

The Side Effects 

There are some side effects that may come from this, but right now, because we don’t know a ton about this, we don’t know the full gamut of side effects. However just because we haven’t found them, doesn’t mean that there won’t be any. If you’re someone who is worried about the rection of fenchol to your body, or because of medicines, you should talk to the doctor before you decide to ingest this. 

Fenchol also does not have some stimulant and sedative results in this, and it’s something that you shouldn’t have to worry about with this. 

Fenchol is something that’s really good as a fragrance, and is something that’s actually found in perfumes, along with different laundry detergents, so it’s good for that. Some people may get a skin irritation if they do use fenchol on their skin, but again, this is pretty mild compared to this. Fenchol does fight off infections from bacteria, microbes, and also pain. 

It also is one of the best for protecting the body directly from any oxidative results and damages. 

But, if you’re someone who likes to use essential oils that contain this, or are curious about this, then look no further. This is definitely something that’ll help you get the full benefits, and also is one of the best for ensuring that you protect your body from the invaders that appear. 

Cannabis Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks 

Because of the new ways to extract the resin, there are new ways for people to consume products. Cannabis legalization has helped too, and two of the more interesting products to come out of this are sun rocks and moon rocks. Debuting back in 2014, and maybe a little sooner, people like these for two reasons: it’s potent, and it looks pretty. But what are they? Let’s find out. 

Moon rocks 

This debuted a little bit earlier, from the cannabis community in 2010.  This is from a product that’s called caviar, which is basically a high-quality bud that’s dipped in BHO, and then, it’s left to sit out and dry, and the effects definitely added a new aroma and flavor, since it offered enhancement due to the oil in it. 

Moon rocks only became popular because of rappers Dr. Zodiak and Kurupt, who were infusing these buds to make Caviar, and were then coating this with a sift has or some kief, to create a result that looked beautiful and tasted super powerful. This then became moon rocks, and they were soon the eye of the cannabis community, and a lot of people like these because they have a super potency, getting up to 80% THC in some cases. 

What about Sun Rocks 

Sun rocks are basically refined moon rocks, and basically, they’re super strong. More and more dispensaries have started to offer this because a lot of people like this. However, the products  do ultimate depend on what kind of quality you’re getting the cannabis from, and of course, the right kind of oil and the kief that you choose to use. 

The cool thing with this though, is that it does have a variety of different tastes, and even effects, which can be gotten from this alone. 

How to Make These 

A big thing about this is that it only involves a couple of small changes to the parameters to make something super potent. The concentrate feels like cookies, but it’s got craters that kind of look like space soil.  In some cases, the resin gets extracted through butane, and is a mixture of the bud itself, the BHO, and the top such as kief.  Some people like to use OG Kush or GSC for great results, but pretty much, anything with compact buds is fair game. 

They also are created with a rosin hash, so you will typically use BHO for this, but you can replace this with rosin, or other extractions that use CO2, the main concern being that you want to have something with a liquid texture to help with the oil infusion to the bud itself. 

The steps to make this are as follows: 

  1. Get a compact bud so it doesn’t break down 
  2. Use a dabbing tool to put oil over this. You can also warm this up to make this faster 
  3. Once it’s fully covered in oil, put it in a bowl or plate that has the resin and coat it fully 
  4. You can repeat this to get the results 
  5. Let it sit for a day or a few hours, and then, you can smoke it 

You may wonder the best way to smoke this. Most people like to use a bong to do this, but also glass pipes, water pipes, or bubblers are also great ways to smoke it, since it’s very easy to clean once you’re finished smoking this. 

Be mindful though that these are super powerful, so don’t try to smoke too much.  You don’t want to roll lines with it. 

Cannabis for Allelopathy 

This is something that involves sme biochemicals being pushed into the organism to definitely impact the way other organisms grow and develop. This action of course helps promote the development that’s there of some of the other organisms on hand, or creates something negative, harmful, and it can actually affect organisms of all kinds. The chemicals in this usually are called allelochemicals in this. 

It’s something that can actually improve or stop the growth of the other species of plants, and it can also impact how the plant reproduces. It also may impact it in a more positive manner, reducing the chances that you have to use insecticides in this, and this is something that farmers of all kinds like to use.  This is something that also does impact the growth of terpenes, and it’s something that cannabis growers do look at to when trying to figure out the best way to grow certain items. 

Using Allelopathy in controlled area 

Some plant species have traits that definitely impact the yields of cannabis, and also helps with lowering the risk for diseases and pests too. This is something that actually can be used to help repel nematodes, like marigolds in a tomato field. Some of them are able to push different chemicals in the roots that actually impact everything in the environment. 

Terpenes are something that is usually good for keeping away insects or pests and also stops seed germination.  A cool terpene like eucalyptus and pine is actually good for stopping the germination of anything else beneath it. There are tons of different kinds of specimens you can use with plants that offer good and negative benefits to this to the plant species. With that said, let’s look at allelopathic plants that are common. 

Companion plants 

These are plants that usually benefit something that push for growth. Basically, it pushes them together to create a good relationship. Usually, the chemicals that are in this push it through the stems and flowers, and sometimes the roots that help with this. Nettles is one that actually pushes for plant aroma and also helps increase essential oils too., 

Repels insect 

Pests are oftentimes quite common, and while pesticides work, for organic cannabis growth, you want something that repels these little guys.  They can go as far as 10 meters in some cases, and it won’t inhibit the way the plant grows either. 

Some aromatic plants actually will surround there, and it will offer a very positive manner and benefits. Fennel should definitely be something that you should avoid with cannabis plants, since it actually can push for pests to come closer.  Marigold, basil, horsetail, hyssop, mint, neem, oregano, and more are typical examples. 

Tarp crops 

This is something that is appealing to the pests that are there, which actually helps make sure that they don’t get your precious plants. It also is good for stopping an infestation. 

It also can help with pushing for natural predators to come in there, who take out the plagues and help the other crops grow too. Tobacco for example will be planted near cannabis, and it actually pushes whiteflies away, which makes eradicating them easier than ever. So with that said, for cannabis cultivation, you should definitely add French marigold to help bring a bit of aroma increases to your cannabis crop. Nettle is good for pushing oils, and you also can use this to help improve natural predators. 

The cool thing about this, does not only do it save you money on pesticides too, it will help boost a more environmental type of viewpoint, and something growers need. 

How the Endocannabinoid system Works 

The endocannabinoid system is a complex, intricate and sophisticated way to signal different parts of the body. this is still being studied by scientists in recent years to help fully understand how it actually heals people. The ECS is one that’s explored the effects of not just THC, but also cannabinoids in general and how it helps people.

The ECS is something that is basically viewed as a chemical system that is useful for keeping homeostasis within your body, and it helps provided a balanced environment internally, and also contributes to the blood sugar, body temp, and the blood pressure levels. 

The ECS also plays a large role in synaptic plasticity, which is a developing system, and the response of the body to different stimuli out there does play a marked role.  It helps with different neural activities in the body, including your motor controls, coordination, and also memory and learning too. It also helps with controlling the consciousness of people. It can help with your sleep-wake cycle, the emotions you feel, how you sense pain, and a variety of other neurobiological functions in the body. 

The structure 

The ECS is made up of a couple different receptor types. You’ve got the type 1 receptors which are called CB1, and CB2 is the other one. They’re responsible overall for improving and synthesizing the endocannabinoids within. They’re found on the cell surfaces and play a major role in treating illnesses and other bodily conditions. 

The CB1 receptors are found in your brain, and are fund in the CNS and the PNS, and are responsible for ensuring that everything is making sure that everyone’s working rightly.  It’s also what you get when you consume weed, or anything with THC in it. 

CB2 receptors are basically those that are found all over the body, and are responsible for the immunity, the response to pain, and various metabolic functions too. 

How it treats Illnesses 

The cool thing about the ECS is that it’s actually super important, and it keeps everything at the correct level. The different receptors within the body have been studied a little bit, and it was found that a lot of them did have therapeutic roles and benefits, and also were involved in a variety of different processes as well. Both receptors are thought to be some of the most important, especially when looking at pharmacological impacts, and what it does for you. 

There are some who have found that with THC and CBD, it’s been able to help with mediating and controlling the system.  It’s something that helps ensure that it can treat various illnesses that happen in the body. The ECS is something that has many different parts to the body, and there is also a lot of different symptoms and other pain, inflammation, and the like that do need to be looked at too. 

It can even help with pain from endometriosis, Parkinson’s, and other different transmissions, including synaptic transmissions too within the body.  it’s something that works directly to treat a bunch of different disorders. You can use this to help control other important stuff too, including glaucoma, anxiety, diseases including asthma, and also works to ensure that there is of course a proper balance in place. 

While this system is still in its inception, the ECS is something that, as we study this more and more, we’ll be able to, with all of this as well, get the benefits that you want and need, no matter what happens, and no matter what the problem may be happening to you as well.  

What 2-Arachidonoyl glycerol Is 

2-AG is something that plays a major part in the balance and the maintenance of the body. It also works in different functions including the sensation of pain, inflammation, the plasticity of synapses, the stress response of the body, emotion, and the balance of energy. 

This was first found in 1995, and it’s something that was the second endocannabinoid out there. Here, we’ll go over how this works, and the best ways to increase these too. 

How it Works in the system 

2-AG is one that’s the most abundant within the body and is considered an agonist of your CB1 and 2 receptors. This is something that’s found in a lot of the CNS, and the neurons in the brain are regulated through this. 

It works to help with the following: 

  • Regulating the appetite
  • Improving immunity 
  • Managing pain 

Basically, the body relies on this to properly maintain homeostasis, or balance of the body. How this works is something that we’re still trying to understand, but we’ve managed to theorize that it’s a neuromodulator, which is a fancy word for sending messages to the neurons in order to release commands that affect the other neuron cells too. 

This is one that’s a messenger, and it works to bind and stimulate your receptors, causing them to be fully activated. For instance, when this binds to the CB1 receptor, it signals to the body to release different chemicals that also relieve inflammation and pain. 

The Benefits 

2-AG is one that is really important for ensuring that your body functions properly. 

Some of the conditions that it helps with do include: 

  • MS as it controls spasms 
  • Arthritis as it reduces inflammation and pain 
  • Some cancers, since it is anti-tumor in effects 
  • Parkinson’s, as it’s neuroprotective 
  • Anxiety along with depression, since it can be antidepressant, and also have anxiolytic effects to this too. 
  • Chronic pain, as this can strengthen or reduce the pain signals which are sent 

Are there Risks? 

Well, it can impact how effective this is at controlling the pain, so if you’re constantly doing this, it wears off in efficacy over time. 

Also, it can also cause psychosis if you’re activating those CB1 receptors, so keep that in mind. 

How you can increase this 

This is a chemical that does happen naturally within the body, but the thing is, you can increase this mainly by making sure that the MAGL enzymes are there and try to mitigate the enzymes that are there. 

Some people can use MAGL inhibitors, but they’re not as effective as the more natural means to increase 2-AG. 

The increase of this can be done through the following: 

  • Sleeping better 
  • Exercising 
  • Consuming some cannabis 
  • Having a diet that’s rich in anti-inflammatory foods such as avocados, blueberries, and cheeriest 

These are a few of the ways to naturally increase it, but a lot of people turn to cannabis as well as a supplement to work with this. 

The best thing to take from this is that it’s something that’s still a newer chemical. 

We don’t know a lot about what 2-AG can do to the body, and all of the effects of this on your endocannabinoid receptors. however, I’m pretty sure that, with the discoveries that we get of this, there will be more discoveries with time, that’ll help us reveal more and more about the endocannabinoid system, and also what it can do for you, including the benefits that are with this as well, and the effects that this may cause for you. 

All About THCV 

This is something that was found kind of recently. However, since the 70s, the research on cannabis has come a long way, with many scientists looking to see what else is in this. This is something that can help, and THCV is something that also is good, and you can also learn how it does compare to both THCa and THC in this blog as well. 


This is something that actually is  a lot different from regular THC. This is something that does have a short amount of psychoactivity, but it’s nowhere near as much as the high that you get from regular THC.  It’s something that’s only found in sativa strains that are landrace. Most who consume this one actually do say that they feel more motivated, uplifted, focused, and active, without a ton of sedative results from this, so it’s the best one for the use during the day. 

This is an antagonist of the CB1 receptors at lower levels, so it does shut down these receptors, but it is an agonist if you take more, so it can definitely create a wild, distinct high. So it may be good as well for people who want it. 

It’s great for those who get the munchies, since this is something that does suppress the receptors that do tend to get you high, and it can for a long period of time. 

It also is a natural antioxidant, since it can help with activating your CB2 receptors, so it can help with halting a variety of conditions including Parkinson’s, neurodegeneration, and also prevent a lot of symptoms that would otherwise be quite frustrating. 

It is something that usually is found in tablinguals since it is very low in concentration. 

What about THCa

This is basically the raw THC before you light it up. 

It’s not bioavailable, so the bodies don’t really use this one.  You boil this compound for about 7 minutes, and then THC is grabbed. This is something that is pretty much the precursor to THC, and it can be converted to this. 

If you want to use just THCa, always make sure that you don’t’ leave it any place that’s hot, for obvious reasons. 

So is it good for you? Yes, it can, since it actually can help stop the cancer cell growth and has been found to have variable success on halting this, and a lot of people with cancer that want to use this definitely get the benefits from this. 

You can also stop vomiting too, another benefit of this. It also is a natural neuroprotectant, and it can help with improving your nervous system health as well. 


THC is basically the one that we all know a lot about, and it’s what’s stimulating. It’s been used for well over a millennia, and it’s been great for improving creativity, relaxing, and it can help as well with addictive medications. It can help with neuron conditions, and also improve mobility in the body. 

It also is great for PTSD treatments.  For a lot of people, the medications don’t really cut it, but with THC, it can actually stop the processing of memories, which actually makes utilizing this for THC to be something of value, and is great for a lot of people who want to use it for that. 

THC and the other compounds are definitely something worth using, and if you’re someone who is looking to get the full benefits of their THC compound, this is one of the best types of ways to use it, and it can help.

Can you Use Antibiotics and Weed together 

Is it safe to have weed while taking antibiotics? There are some worries, especially with how both THC and CBD may cause interactions with this, and there is a possibility that this might help with antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains, but for now, let’s dive into this. 

Marijuana and Antibiotics 

The first thing to understand, is that you should note that whether you’re someone who doesn’t have a drug history or otherwise, cannabis can interact in a negative manner, and there is always a risk for problems. Cannabis may also be something that also might be what people look into when they’re searching substances that are like antibiotics to fight off some bacteria strains. 

Think about our modern medicine. Some of us deal with stress and oftentimes, we take for granted the amount of pain that’s endured, and of course. Bacteria is something that’s one of the oldest enemies in our books. However, there are pills now, different items that can help kill off these bad boys. 

Antibiotics save hundreds of thousands of lives within the US alone, but the main issue that’s coming forward, is the mutations of bacteria, boosting antibiotic resistance, and it’s something that it’s used to counteract some of the threats that are there. Cannabis, however, has bee put in the crosshairs of this. 

Do we need antibiotics? 

Yes, there are tons of bacteria out there. Trillions really, and they can get into our body through various contact points. Infections might occur at any time, and the symptoms from this can cause reactions of the body. the bacteria that’s there is based on your pathogenicity, and it’s something that can cause major damages to humans. 

There are some that can attack the lungs, brain, spinal cord, and even the heart. Antibiotics are something that’s basically the best and most effective item to use against invisible enemies that are out there. We’ve been using this for a millennia, and it’s something that dates all the way back to 350 AD. 

So can you smoke Weed with This? 

Well, you shouldn’t drink alcohol with antibiotics, but what about weed?While yes, cannabis is definitely safer than booze, some of the compounds that are inside the plant do interact with a variety of different drugs. Your body will metabolize and break down everything that’s consumed. CBD and THC are those which are important for impacting your endocannabinoid system, which can result in a very complex and far-reaching cascade. 

The detoxification and metabolism of the liber is a big part of this, and there are some enzymes which are utilized, and help to metabolize most drugs. However, some of the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant can actually impact the cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are responsible for this, and it ca cause interactions specifically with drugs. 

Some research already was found that cannabis itself does cause changes to anticoagulant results of warfarin, since it interrupts the metabolism of this, through the actions of this. The enzymes in this are also responsible for metabolizing some antibiotics, which does open up the chance that there might be severe reactions. 

With that said though, if you’re someone who is going to use antibiotics, then you might want to talk to your doctor about the potential that this might cause for you, and also look at the possibility of any drugs interacting with this. 

Getting the approval from your doctor beforehand is probably the best way to ensure hat you’re getting the correct results from this, so you don’t end up getting hurt in the process of using this too. 

CBD Oil with CBD Crystals 

The utilization of various cannabinoids to treat different ailments as started to explode in recent years, with tons of people using CBD products that are now availible in many places. While it used to be something that only the few and far between would use, it’s now an industry with large, big brands and cosmetics, along with other major therapeutic results, that enrich and offer the products that are there. 

CBD oil is usually prepared through the flowers, a vegetable il, and a little bit of time and patience. However, it’s hard to get the full CBD  content due to how much oil and the buds that are used. It’s hard to get a totally pure product in this fashion, in a way that’s offering the correct dosing that’s out there. One way to do this, is through CBD Crystals 

What CBD Crystals are 

Cannabis actually has a bunch of compounds that they make in their glands, known as trichomes, and commonly referred to as resin as well. This includes terpenes, cannabinoids, and the like, which are responsible for the flavor, aroma, and many other things. 

This is something that is used in a lot of cases, and it offers all the good parts of cannabis, all in their trichomes. The CBD crystals are basically purified extraction to the point were it’s almost pure CBD, to the point where the rest of the compounds are in the resin, but it’s in minute levels. It requires lab equipment to do this, and it’s not an easy process, so good luck carrying this out from the comfort of your own home. 

You also want to do this if you’ll like to ensure that the content is accurate and doses correct, in order to achieve the results that you want to have. This is because you want to make sure that the isolated ingredients and the oil are extracted. The crystals are milky and can be added to various receipts and products. They also don’t need to be infused or diluted, with anything else and they offer a very potent and more immediate results than other reparations. 

you can dilute this with vegetable oil as well, and if you already have the oil, you’ll be able to administer it too. You can use these crystals in a variety of ways though, for profound effects. 

How to make CBD Oil with Crystals 

This is something that involves you first and foremost making sure that you have the correct CBD crystals to use. Then, you first and foremost want to utilize a teaspoon and a funnel, putting the CBD crystals directly into your bottle. Using a pipette or a syringe, then put the vegetable oil into there. 

Take the bottle, close it, and then shake it for a minute in a vigorous motion, or until the crystals have fully dissolved. You will want to make sure that a warm water bath that’s gentle is also used, in order to dissolve this fully, and it can be done throughout the room temperature 

It’s something to consider if you’re going to be using CBD oil, and if you like to use CBD. CBD has a lot of various effects, and it’s something that a lot of people will definitely want to consider. 

Daily Cbd Oil

If you’d like a more profound, more exact experience with this, and you’d like to make your own cannabis oils in an economical way that offers a better oil concentration  and such, this is definitely the way to do it, and a good way to get the most from this too. 

All about Schedule 1 Drugs 

You’ve probably heard the term Schedule 1 drugs when you’ve heard about weed. You may not realize it, but schedule 1 drugs are considered something that’s high risk, with no medical or therapeutic value, so you can’t prescribe and process it.  However, other countries may have a differing opinion on this, so it may be a schedule 1 drug in one place, but then it’s not in another location. 

In the united states, the DEA considers LSD, heroin, ecstasy, peyote, and meth as schedule 1 drugs.  However, cannabis is also classified as such, and this is due to the controlled substances act. 

How this is classified. 

So you’ve got three locations.  The DEA, or the drug enforcement administration, the FDA or food and drug administration, and then, the HHS, which is the US department of health and human services. These three entities can petition anything that should be reviewed to possibly change the drug state, and this can then get through the DEA, then the HHS, and finally the FDA in order to look at the evidence surrounding the schedule of a certain drug. 

  • You have certain factors that do pertain to how these get scheduled and they include the following: 
  • the science behind the effects of the drug 
  • The evidence surrounding the medical use of a drug 
  • The potential for it to be abused 
  • The safety profile of a drug 

The biggest difference between schedule 1 and schedule 2, is literally whether or not the government believes it has any value medically, not whether or not it’s harmful to you. So of course, it can definitely be harmful, but it sits in schedule 2 because it is helpful. 

However, with new mounting evidence about some schedule 1 drugs, it’s been found that cannabis is one that definitely can be considered. CBD at the moment is something that’s not a schedule 11 drug, however, Epidolex, which is a cannabis extract of CBD, has been approved by the FDA and is considered a schedule 5 drug.  THC that’s synthetic, also known as Marinol or dronabinol, is considered schedule 3. As you can see from this, there’s tons of inconsistencies on how these drugs get scheduled. 

Why this matters 

This is something that definitely impacts the ability to get this, and if you get put in jail for consumption of it. But there’s more than that to it. The research that you can do on a drug is impacted by where it’s scheduled, since it’s so restrictive to get and processed in many cases. This is something that can be a major problem for getting something that is a schedule 1 drug to be put in another area. 

It also is a big thing because it does affect drug perception, since people do think that those which are schedule 1 drugs are bad, and other ones are quite good. Plus, while the process to get certain schedule 1 drugs onto different lists has gotten better, the problem with the current research in this, isn’t necessarily the drug itself, but the federal funding that it needs.  It’s a nightmare to get any for it, which is why it is oftentimes very slow, and can freeze up, since you’re not getting funding to help with this. 

It also finally affects how people get sentenced. If you have a schedule 2 drug for example, you’re less likely to get put in jail, and it’s why many innocent people get put in jail for cannabis consumption. Obviously, the system needs to change, and we are seeing slowly but surely, more changes as time goes on. 

The best, most energizing Weed Strains 

Do you feel like you need more energy? While most assume that being a stoner means you just sit around like a bump on a log all the time, that’s not the case. Not every single strain will leave you in a state of couch lock, but there are some which are good for helping you tackle everything that happens. 

Mother Gorilla 

This is one that comes from gorilla glue 4, which is a THC powerhouse, and breeders love this one because it’s really good for offering effects that are uplifting and reliable. It’s one that’s dominant in sativa, and it’s one that packs a bunch of THC, and a large terpene profile. 

This is a great one that will help give you spring within your step, and with 23% THC and high levels of terpenes, it gives a good head high that also is super energizing too and can really give you the pick me up that you need! 

North thunderfuck 

This is a great one that makes any task way more enjoyable. 

It’s an energizing hybrid that has a very balanced indica and sativa profile to this, and this is one that has African origins that are on product  display. 

What makes this so special is the trichomes that are in this, and about 22% THC within this, so it’s one that definitely has zesty terpenes including limonene in this to offer some of the strongest head highs in this. It also is one that tastes like skunk but also is a bit more pine and citrus-y in the taste that’s there. 

Green Crack punch 

This is one that’s perfect for the wake and bake people, or those who need an afternoon jolt of energy. 

This is something that offers a really good buzz mentally, and the buzz is quite good especially for those who want a strong head buzz sensation that then makes you feel super grounded, relaxed, and happy too. 

It’s fruity, and delicious, and is perfect for those who want something that has a lot of grapes and berries within this. It’s not super high in THC, but this is one that is dominant in sativa, and is really good for those who prefer the relaxed highs that come from cannabis. 

Royal runtz 

This is one that feels like you’re giving yourself a nice cup of joe that’s going to push your sensations to the limits. 

This is one that has vibrant flowers and is dazzling for those who want something that really makes your brain dance. It’s half and half, and this is one that offers a balanced, energizing high. 

It’s got a very high THC content, and even just one toke will get that energy going. It’s also great for those who want to be creative and would like to enjoy getting through any tasks that help you feel like a total winner, and the strongest person that’s out there! 

Triple G 

Finally, we’ve got Trip G, and this is one that’s great for getting rid of brain fog, helping to get the creativity going, and is petty high in THC, and also comes with terpenes that are fruity and sweet, offering a clear-headed, euphoric high that is great for those who need to get work done, especially if that work includes solving multiple problems, and is one that offers the perfect aesthetics, with many of these being quite beautiful. This is one that also comes with some impressive flowers, which are striking, but also good if you want something that not only give you energy but is pretty too.